WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and KIDS: How do I manage my children’s weight?

Wow.  This is a tough one.  We often find ourselves struggling to manage and balance our own eating and exercise, how do we do this for our kids too?  Believe it or not, this is the most asked question I get – as soon as someone finds out I’m a nutritionist.  Immediately, adults think about […]


Pastas, Breads and Cereal….Oh My!

PASTA, BREADS AND CEREALS…OH MY! You’ve heard carbs are bad for you, but they taste soooo good! A little bread with dinner, Special K for breakfast and pasta once in a while won’t hurt me, right? You may ask yourself, what’s the story with carbs? First, let’s clear something up – NOT ALL CARBS ARE […]


Hormones and Health

About once a month, I become a monster.  I don’t mean the kind that hid under my bed or in my closet robbing me of sleep when I was a child.  I mean the kind that makes Linda Blair in the Exorcist look like Little Bo Peep.   The kind of monster that looks normal one […]


Making Healthy Choices while Dining Out

Did you know that Americans eat out FIVE times a week on average? Unfortunately, many of these meals are laden with sugar, fat, sodium and preservatives.  Medical experts now say all of these ingredients are now being linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease and more. Yet, as busy professionals balancing family and work, […]


Cleansing – Detoxing

Are you a little tempted to try it?  Do you wonder about it?  Cleansing is becoming extremely popular…and controversial.  Some doctors say steer clear because it is unnecessary and dangerous and others prescribe it as a way to unclog your pipes and flush away the toxins.   Since little research has been conducted on the benefits […]