Who hasn’t enjoyed a pint of Rocky Road ice cream and a good cry? Sometimes it’s good for the soul – the crying part I mean.  Okay, the ice cream too!  We all have stress in our lives – unhealthy relationships, jobs that are not fulfilling, teenagers, sick parents and every day crisis like flat […]

Sugar Blues…Why do we sing them?

Have you ever wondered why you are hungry at 10am, after you have consumed a nutritious breakfast of coffee and a bagel?  Do you really understand the science behind why you feel like closing your eyes and resting your head on your desk at 3pm?  Has 2:00am become your body’s natural time to wake up […]


Making Healthy Choices while Dining Out

Did you know that Americans eat out FIVE times a week on average? Unfortunately, many of these meals are laden with sugar, fat, sodium and preservatives.  Medical experts now say all of these ingredients are now being linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease and more. Yet, as busy professionals balancing family and work, […]